Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Workout Wednesday

You peeps seemed to enjoy Mandi posting our workout last Wednesday, so we figured it could be something we do going forward. If it's something you want to try at home, some equipment may be needed, but it can be done at a pretty minimal cost. Also, much of it can be done with body weight.

Here is our workout for today:

WARMUP (*Each exercise is done for 45 seconds*)
Fast squats
Basement squats
Jump squats
Lunge forward right
Lunge forward left

STATION 1 (**Each exercise is done for 1 minute**)
Squat front raise
Fast princess lunge right
Fast princess lunge left
Squat jump

Hang squat
Dead lift
High/Low up down
Princess lunge right
Princess lunge left
Fast squat

Triceps pushup
Plank to push up
Run 200 meters

Plank to pushup
Clean and Press
Squat upright row
Spider pushup
Mountain climbers

Squat press
Shoulder press
Squat jumps
Wall sit left leg only
Wall sit right leg only
Wall sit shoulder press

Active recovery
Hold a plank position for 15 seconds
5 push-ups
Hold a plank position for 15 seconds
4 push-ups
Hold a plank position for 15 seconds
3 push-ups
Hold a plank position for 15 seconds
2 push-ups
Hold a plank position for 15 seconds
1 push-up

Fast squats for 30 seconds
Basement squats for 30 seconds
Squat jumps for 30 seconds
Repeat sequence 4 times


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I've Got A Bug In My Ear

No, seriously, like an actual bug in my actual ear. No, not right now, but last week yet it feels as if it was just yesterday. I'll write this in a way that you can hopefully get inside my thought process that night. Here's the story...

It was around 1:10am and I was sleeping like a baby. At 1:11am, a massive thunder storm rolled into our bedroom because all I could hear in my left ear was the rumbling of what seemed to be thunder booming in my ear. But wait, that couldn't be right. If it were thunder, I would hear it in both of my ears. So I went on to the second most logical reason for the thunderstorm playing in my ear - water. I dug around in my ear to see if I could feel any kind of liquid in there. I shook my head like a mad man seeing if I could get the water in my ear to drain. And, out of pure desperation it seems, I actually turned my cellphone light on to see if we had a leak in our roof above me as I could think of no other way that water got inside of my ear. After shaking, checking, prodding and poking - no water.

What could it be then I thought? Oh I know, somehow my eardrum was randomly punctured and now fluid was leaking from my ear. Did I turn on my pillow to fast causing a suction so powerful that it blew my eardrum? Did Mandi yell so loudly during her dream that my delicate eardrum was shattered? And just like that it was gone....

...or so I thought. Just when I thought my eardrum had magically healed itself, I heard the thunder again. Only this time, it definitely sounded more like scratching than thunder.

Oh my. It's a bug.

This is when the pain started. Not only am I now convinced there is a bug in my ear, but I'm pretty sure its trying to chew its way through my ear drum. Maybe this is where the fluid is coming from? Okay Ronnie, enough with the fluid, just worry about the bug now. Ouch, the pain in getting worse. I cupped my hand over my ear and had it act like a plunger trying to unclog a toilet. In between each bite, I thought maybe I could somehow suck this bug out of my ear by some type of reverse vacuum pressure that I was creating. Strike one. I know, I'll get a bobby pin and scrape this little bugger out. I was deep inside my ear. He was angry. I kept scraping. He kept moving. I scraped harder. He stopped moving. Oh, great, now my ear is bleeding. I sure hope this is because I split him in half and not because he finally burrowed his way into my brain. Maybe I should get Mandi. It'd be much better to wake her up, explain to her that a bug is currently eating my brain and that I'm going to E.R. than it would be for her to find me facedown on the bathroom floor due to a bug eating my brain. Before I get Mandi though, I should probably Google this.

Shoot, my ear is still bleeding and this guy is moving all around again. Okay, so I didn't kill him, but I definitely cut myself. At least he's not in my brain though, that's a relief. I stick some q-tips in my ear to soak up and clean off some of the blood before heading to the computer.

Google says that my best bet is to A) Fill my ear with olive oil to kill the bug B) Stick a syringe full of water in my ear and blast it in my ear canal as to hopefully wash the bug out and C) Make sure all of the bug is intact and no part is left in your ear.

Seems easy enough.

I grabbed a syringe, filled it up with water and gave my ear a fireman hose blast (I skipped the olive oil). Nothing. Fill up the syringe again. Push....nothing. Okay, if this doesn't work, I may have to call in a professional. Third time is a charm right? Blast.

And that's when it happened. First, he hit my shoulder and then down into the sink he fell. And there he was, looking as relieved as I was to be rid of each other....

An earwig.

Of course.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Faith Like a Child

I don't really have much to share today other than a little observation from the weekend. We've all heard the phrase, "faith like a child"…and it's so humbling (and inspirational) to watch.

Yesterday, Mckenna swam for the first time this season (it was finally warm enough to actually get all the way in my parents' pool). It was amazing. She was nervous, at first, to jump in off the side, something she loved to do last summer. But after a little time, and Ronnie and Papi (my dad) telling her it was ok, she jumped. And then there was no stopping her. She wanted to have tea parties underwater, touch her feet to the bottom, swim to the edge and pull herself up, swim across the pool underwater holding onto daddy and Papi. It was amazing. And the thing I kept thinking was, "she's trying all these things simply because she trusts her daddy." Common sense (and human instinct) tells us not to hold our breath under water for long periods of time, but daddy said it was safe, so she did it…over and over again.

It was a humbling reminder of all the fun and exciting things I could be doing if I just jumped in and trusted my (heavenly) father. What am I missing out on being too scared to make the first jump? How's that for a short and deep blog for a Monday?!

I'll leave you with this: