Monday, December 22, 2014

An Unforeseen Blessing

Ronnie and I started down the path to become a foster family because we felt the call on our hearts. We knew it was right for us. We knew God was calling us to it. We knew that by following His call that there would be hard times and abundant blessings.

One of the biggest unforeseen blessings has been seeing Mckenna's heart through this process. We knew that God gifted Mckenna uniquely. We knew that God made Mckenna a compassionate, loving, kind-spirited heart. We knew that he made her incredibly social. We knew that she was given a heart for people, big and small. But to see that all used to care for a tiny, precious baby over the last week and a half has been one of the biggest blessings. I have been so proud of her. There is no doubt that it has to be hard to share your parents after 3+ years of having them to yourself. It can't be easy to be woken up by cries. It must be frustrating to have to wait for your normal morning snuggles because Baby N needs to finish her feeding. But you would never know it. Cries are responded to with compassion; loving rubs, sweet words, and a binky in her mouth. Waiting time is filled with baby talk and hand holding, just to be close to her. To watch Mckenna lay next to Baby N, sweetly stroke her tiny head and tell her how much she loves her is nothing short of heart melting. To hear her ask her if she misses her mommy and daddy when she cries makes it ever apparent that she is always thinking about her needs, deeper than the physical.

I am so thankful that over the last week we have seen that caring for babies isn't only a call on our hearts, but placed on Mckenna's heart as well!!

Praise God! He sure creates family perfectly fit for each other!!