Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thankful Thursday: Our Kiddos

Haven't done a Thankful Thursday post for a while, but I felt compelled to write a bit about each kiddo and the first thing that comes to mind when I think of how thankful I am for each one of them.

This picture perfectly captures why I'm such a thankful Dad.
Keni (Mckenna) - The character trait I'm most thankful for that she possesses is her compassion for other people. Whether it's a friend, a homeless man or a foster child, Mckenna has a huge heart for people in need. She's the first one to offer hugs and a hand to a friend who is scared or a fast food gift card to someone holding a sign at the corner. This also comes through with each and every foster child who comes into our home. Her heart breaks for the pain they have experienced and she does an amazing job showing them each love and support for the time they are with us.

Bugs (Bennett) - The thing I can already tell about Bennett - he loves life. When I picture him in my head, he's always smiling. He has fun whether he's playing catch by himself (I guess it's more like fetch), wrestling his sister or yelling like a crazy man while trying to get his run on. Anytime I catch his eye or he catches mine, he gives me a smile. I can't help but smile back.

Baby S - He's only been in our home for a couple of days, but there are things about him that I am certainly thankful for. In his short 9 months on this Earth, he's already faced many challenges and transitions, but through it all, he's such a chill kid. He goes with the flow and seems to enjoy whatever we're all doing. He was a rockstar in the grocery store, he has a ball at bath time, and he doesn't mind when Bennett charges him like a bull. We're hopeful that we can give him the love he needs and deserves while he's in our home and thankful for the time we're going to be able to spend with him.

What are you thankful for today?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sharpe: Party of 5 (for awhile)

So no one thinks this is a pregnancy announcement, I'll come out and say the punch line quickly....We have decided to love on another sweet foster baby for awhile. As of today, we are taking another placement.

We have, for awhile, felt like we needed to take another placement into our home. However, we have gone around and around regarding what age would be best. Mckenna will be 5 in October. Bennett will be 1 in September. We didn't know if we should take a kiddo between them in age, a newborn, or another slightly older baby. At different points over the last 6 months, we were "sure" one age was perfect, and then would take a respite child (short term placement to help another foster family) around that age, and realize that that age wasn't a great fit. But we still continued to feel called and convicted about another placement.

We got a call on Thursday about a sweet little baby boy, Baby S, that's 9 months old and needs a new foster home. For whatever reason, Baby S and his situation sat heavy on our hearts, so we decided to take the plunge and take him into our home. If you're paying attention, that means we essentially signed ourselves up for twins...gulp. But people handle that all the time, right? (That's what we keep telling ourselves...but I think it's about to get real in the Sharpe household)

Baby S gets dropped off today, and there's a lot of nervous excitement in our house. We all can't wait to see his little face and start working him into our family. We are confident that it will be stressful and chaotic at first, but trust that God has called us to this ministry and that He will provide what we need in terms of time, patience, and resources in order to thrive with Baby S under our roof.

Please pray first and foremost for Baby S. His sweet little world is being rocked. He has been with the same foster family since he came home from the hospital, and there is no doubt that he loves those two people who have been his parents the last 9 months. We may be a safe, loving, happy home, but we are not the home he has grown attached to and loves. So please pray for him to feel comfortable and loved in this time of transition. Pray that he quickly attaches and knows that he is loved beyond measure.

Please pray for our own kiddos. My biggest fear accepting another placement is that our own kids would feel it in a negative way/be negatively impacted. Mom and Dad's attention will be divided between a third, and my heart feels heavy wondering if we are doing the right thing, for them. We continue to remind ourselves that we are called to this, so we just need to be faithful, and God will take care of our kids' hearts throughout this. But pray that as parents, we do right by them day in and day out.

Please pray for Ronnie and I. Pray for sleep and patience. Pray for time to bond with each kid individually. Pray for good health so that we can stay under the same roof for awhile before Ronnie has to go in for a tune up.

And please pray for the system. Pray that his case progresses as it should and quickly, so that he can be where the Lord ultimately wants him.

Welcome "home" Baby S. We will love you deeply while we have you!