Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thankful Thursday: Good Friends & Strong Medications

It's thankful Thursday time! We all have so much to be thankful for and we love to take this opportunity just to write down each and everything that comes to mind. Please take this time to share with us what you're thankful for as well. If you have a blog expressing your thankfulness, please share the link! Without further ado, here's what we're thankful for:

Mandi's List:

I’m thankful for good friends. Ronnie’s in the big house, and my friends have been helping pass the time in ways that are delightfully distracting for both me and Mckenna. We’ve gone for walks with friends, played at the park, played at their houses, gone on field trips, etc. It makes days go quickly and keeps us distracted by the fact that Ronnie isn’t around. 

I’m thankful for a daddy’s girl. Mckenna misses Ronnie. She broke down crying tonight, and eventually I realized it was because she missed her daddy. While it’s a bit heartbreaking to hear a little girl cry for her daddy, it’s also heartwarming knowing that she has a daddy that she adores so much. I love their sweet relationship and cannot wait to see it blossom over the years!

I’m thankful for marshmallows. They are a classic with never-ending possibilities of tasty recipes and combinations!

Ronnie's List:

I’m thankful for strong medications. When you get to be old like me, the antibiotic selection gets slimmer and often times only the big guns are left. Big guns are great at killing the bugs, but they are also great at collateral damage. I'm thankful that the strong medications are available to me however and that I have no long-term negative effects from their use.

I’m thankful for a strong wife. Mandi can handle anything and everything. I can't imagine being a single dad for as long as she has to be a single mom. She's able to balance the schedule, keep most of her sanity and someone manage to please everyone while I'm here in the Hole. I'd feel a whole lot more guilty than I already do for being in here if Mandi wasn't who she was.

I’m thankful for a strong-willed daughter. Yeah, she can be a little much at times and really test the limits, but I'd much rather that than a kid who listened to me and responded like a robot. Mckenna has enough personality for 10 kids, yet she is still incredibly obedient and respectful...most of the time ;)

What are you thankful for today?