Thursday, November 20, 2014

Florida Vacation: Photo Recap

Ronnie is in for a tune-up, so Mckenna and I jetted off to Florida to see my Grammy and hit up Disney World. Here is a photo recap of our last week!

She loved this guy!

We both didn't so much like this guy. I am terrified of snakes, but forced myself to hold it as to not let my fears become hers by default...but I think it may just be instilled in her! lol
Life is good as a 3 year old
On the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom...she was eager!!
Toddler 'tude about who knows what...and then she got the memo that...

....she was at the happiest place on earth

What do you get when you stack two short people on top of each other? A semi-effective vantage point...this was exactly as comfortable as it looks.

It was pretty magical at night!

Her beloved light-up Minnie!

A MAJOR highlight!

Makeshift nap

Another favorite

The ultimate meet and greet!! She was in heaven!

It was an amazing trip, but it's nice to be home!!