Monday, October 27, 2014

Fun Photo Recap

Nothing too new or different is happening in our house, so I figured I'd post some pictures of the every day happenings over the last week or so.

Mckenna requested sunglasses from her BFF for her Birthday, well they couldn't find any, but got her some fashion glasses that she LOVES.

They actually are pretty stinkin' cute on her!

This lovely get-up is brought to you by Mckenna. Nothing says "I'm ready to lounge around the house" like a sweatshirt, bloomers, knee high socks and slipper boots.

Mckenna's preschool had the fire department out. Can you spot Mckenna?

Snuggles in bed with daddy are the BEST!

Some friends of ours got Mckenna a kit where you watch caterpillars become butterflies. We sit looking at the caterpillars a lot...although Mckenna is starting to get eager for them to be butterflies.
We went to a Halloween-themed hot air balloon fair over the week. Mckenna didn't come with us, but tinkerbell did ;-)

Daddy and Tinkerbell

Mckenna...I mean Tinkerbell was as excited and happy as she looks in this picture!

Family shot

Family shot with the hot air balloons, and a stranger...or 3.