Saturday, June 20, 2015

29 Weeks Pregnant!

 How far along: 29 weeks pregnant...Due September 3rd!

Gender: Baby BOY!!

Total weight gain: Up 15 lb.

Exercise: Same old, same old. I have been run/walking 4 miles in the mornings about 5 days a week early in the morning to beat the heat…around 5-6AM. I usually alternate running a mile, walking a mile, etc. I managed to pull off running a mile, walking a mile and running the last two miles the other day at a pretty decent clip and it felt great, so that was encouraging! I also then do additional cardio in the afternoon and some weights.

Maternity clothes: I mainly live in workout clothes, dresses, and the pair of normal shorts I bought a couple sizes up. But a friend of mine gave me some of her maternity clothes last week, so I did wear a pair of her maternity pants to work, and a pair of her shorts to dinner the other night…I have to say, they feel pretty glorious.

Miss anything: Sleeping on my stomach. I can cheat it a bit and lay on my stomach with half of me on a pillow, but it just isn’t the same.

Movement: Baby boy’s movements feel like they are getting bigger by the day. I love it.

Have you started to show: Getting large and in charge!

Stretch marks: This is a tricky one. I never got stretch marks on my belly with Mckenna. But ever since puberty I've had stretch marks on my thighs, tush, and hips. They are very fine and you only really see them when the light hits them right. So there's a good chance that I got more with Mckenna, I just have no idea. My guess is I may be getting more as we speak, I just can't see them in comparison to what is already there!

Belly button in or out: It's in...but it's not going to hold on much longer.

Wedding rings on or off: On, when I actually wear them! I take them off for exercise, showers, and sleeping...and with my baby brain and pregnancy brain, I often forget to put them back on!

Sleep: I’ve felt a little more tired lately. I’m not sure if it’s the early mornings starting at 4:50AM paired with Baby N still getting up once in the night to eat, or just from being pregnant…maybe both.

Labor signs: No labor signs, but my Braxton Hicks contractions are legit. I get them when my bladder is full, during exercise, when he's really active, and for no reason at really, I just get them all the time.

Best moment of this week: Baby N has 4 hour visits on Sundays with her mom – with an hour commute on both ends. So she’s gone Sunday afternoons for about 6 hours. This gives Ronnie, Mckenna and me a nice time to do something fun. Last Sunday we went to a community pool that had a lazy river, water slides, etc. It was a blast! We all loved every bit of it…except Mckenna when she stopped enjoying the dance party on the car ride there:
I mean really...don't you love 3 year olds' attitudes?