Friday, August 21, 2015

Photo Dump Friday

Do you ever go back through your photos and just laugh because there are some pictures you snapped for one reason or another that give a little window into your world...and your world is odd? And half your photos you wonder why you took them in the first place? Well, here's a little insight into our world...the random photos that usually never make it anywhere but iPhoto.

This little chef makes all sorts of creations. I think this time she was making paper and doll clothes soup.

When we first wake up, we watch cartoons or YouTube videos...even Baby N gets in on the action.

 Mckenna wore this to Target one day. Those are Easter Bunny ears, a Doc McStuffins' dress up shirt, a red tutu and american flag flip flops. Yup!

I bought this pajama shirt for the mere fact that it felt like it would be fitting soon. Literally, that's the only reason.

You probably can't see him under this blanket...but Ronnie slept on the couch after a little bleed a couple weeks ago (because he can lay more upright)...and well, I took this picture because he kind of looked like he could be a hobo sleeping under a bridge.

We used to eat these when I lived in Singapore. I got so excited when I found them at World Market that I bought them and sent this picture to my entire family.

 Princess and Butterfly dragged little sis around on a blanket for a solid 20 minutes. All you could hear were little girl giggles and screams. These three buddies sure love each other. 

Snuggled up working to get smiles and giggles.

Cousin lovin'