Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weekend Camping

Last weekend my parents invited us to go camping with them about 2.5 hours from home. We, of course, took them up on it. My parents do camping up right...pancakes for breakfast, ribs for dinner, you name it! They also are sweet enough to get there before us and completely set up camp, and then they stay after us, and tear it all down. It's about the easiest way to go camping...ever! So we went, and contributed nothing but extra dishes for my sweet mom to clean ;-)

Here are some pictures!

Mckenna went to be first and requested to sleep on our blow up mattress, in my sleeping bag. So when I went to bed, instead of waking her, I climbed in her alligator-shaped sleeping bag, on her toddler cot. I lasted about half the night until I decided to squeeze onto the air mattress with Ronnie and Mckenna...momma is short, but at 34 weeks pregnant, I can only handle a toddler cot for so long!

Enjoying the fire...moses over there was looking for a sea to part.

Vogue, vogue, vogue, vogue....

My parents' dog feel like a real animal out there!

Family shot...Baby N was there too, but was napping.

Goof ball all ready to go for a ride

Fired up!

She felt so big getting to just sit in a seat with a seatbelt.

Stopping on the ride to pick raspberries

More raspberries!

Happy to share...

Clearly there was only a short period of time that I remembered to take pictures! But I hope you enjoyed the 20 minute window into the trip! Ha!