Monday, March 9, 2015

A New Favorite Pastime

The weather here in Arizona has been beautiful lately; chilly in the mornings but really heats up as the day goes on. We have been trying to spend as much time outside as possible lately because, well, in a few months we won't want to be outside very much.

We have discovered a great pastime, playing on the driveway. Nevermind that we have a great backyard with lots of grass and super comfy furniture, Mckenna would rather play outside out front. Here's a photo recap of how that looks:

We walk our dolls and stuffed animals. (Can you tell who picked out her outfit?!)

We manhandle toys in the stroller.

 We "jump rope".

We eat apples.

We drop those apples on the ground more times than mommy wants to admit.

We pick them up and ask if we can still eat the apple.

We triumphantly raise our apples to the sky when we realize mom doesn't care what's on it.

We ALL eat...though Baby N's snack isn't as filthy.

 We play with water...watering rocks, plants, and ourselves.

We play tug of war.

 We sit with the sun in our eyes and pretend it's like a half-nap since our eyes are slightly shut.

We all have a blast out there. There's nothing better than playing outside in fresh air and sunshine!! Ok, maybe a real nap outside in the fresh air and sunshine would top it...but this is pretty close!