Monday, September 28, 2015

Supermoon Sunday

Mckenna has been asking for about a month to go to the park after dark. It was still pretty light out until after Mckenna's bedtime this last month, so I had been vetoing the idea (Mama doesn't like to budge on bedtime for everyone's it was still pretty hot out so we only had been going early mornings). Last night's supermoon presented the perfect time to treat Mckenna to the park after dark, not to mention the supermoon wasn't that late (the moon was fully eclipsed here by 7:15PM). So even though it was still over 100 degrees when we headed out for the park, we went for it.

Little man was a bit fussy before we I was already wearing him. There's nothing like essentially being wrapped in a giant blanket, wearing a human, in 100 degree weather... made Bennett sweat like a pig also...little grease ball!

Blurry action shot, but at least you can make out that her mouth is open in delight! Daddy brings danger to swinging...and it's entertaining for everyone.

Why does it look so big in person, and so small when I tried to get a picture?

Racing home. Bennett and I clearly lost.

I say, "Smile"...I get this.

I say, "Come on, smile"...I get this. There's no hope.

I think it was getting so hot Bennett was trying to escape.

Ronnie says, "smile"...he gets this. There's really no hope.

 Family selfie!

Photo bomb!

It was a fun way to end the weekend and see the supermoon!