Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mckenna's First Day of School

It's that time of year in Arizona again: Back to school! Lots of schools in Phoenix do a modified year round calendar, so they are out the end of May and back at the end of July with some longer breaks during the year. Needless to say, our little social butterfly was VERY excited to be back at school. Last year she went two days a week. This year she is tackling 3 days a week. Here are some pictures from her first day!

 This is Mckenna's creepy picture smile right now. Despite our best efforts of telling her "no, don't do the creepy smile" it is still pretty much all we get! But it's too awesome not to document so it's committed to memory!

Our goofball. God bless her sweet teacher, Mrs. Bri!

With Daddy!

With Daddy and her picture smile!

With Mommy and her picture smile!

With Mommy sans smile!

Best friends! Another school year together!

They really love each other

She even sports the smile with friends ;-)

I mean could they be any cuter together?

Mckenna had a great first day...apart from going to the bathroom a lot! Apparently she has her mom's anxious stomach and her dad's desire to skip class ;-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Workout You'll Love to Hate

Now that my midwife cleared me to work out normally, I started back into our HIIT classes. It's a good way to kick my tush in 45 minutes. I usually start by walking a mile on the treadmill on my own to warm up slowly, and then walking a mile on the treadmill on my own at the end to cool down. Most classes are good, but last week and yesterday, the trainer did a workout that was GREAT. It was one of those workouts that hurt so good and leave you wanting to die, but feeling accomplished. It's one that can be done with minimal equipment, so I thought I'd share it in case anyone wanted to try it at home or on their own at the gym.

Warm Up - 1 minute of each of the following-

Inchworm push up -
Jumping Jacks
Plank Jacks -
Side Plank (left)
Side Plank (right)
Walking Lunges

Workout - 20 reps of each exercise (where listed, note how they are to be counted)
                 In between each exercise, you do 5 burpees

#1 - Jump Squats -
#2 - Frog Jumps (forward and back is counted "one") -
#3 - Mountain Climbers (20 each leg)
#4 - Jumping Lunges (20 each leg) -
#5 - Russian twists (20 each side) -
#6 - 180 degree jump squats -
#7 - Push up jacks -
#8 - High Knees (20 each leg)
#9 - Alternating Kettlebell Should Press (20 each arm)
#10 - Kettlebell swings
#11 - Low Jacks (Legs out and back in counted "one")-
#12 - Around the world planks (arm, arm, leg, leg counted "one") -
#13 - Side jumps (jump right, jump left counted "one") -
#14 - Plank ups (20 leading with the right arm, 20 leading with the left arm) -

There you have it. So it goes, numbered exercise, 5 burpees, numbered exercise, 5 burpees, etc. Power through all of them as fast as you can, and call it a day!