Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Birthday Girl(s)

One year ago today.
I don't think either of you have grown :)
We have two special birthdays coming up in the Sharpe household...wait a second, one is already here...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDI!!!! We also have a birthday coming up tomorrow, but this blog is focused on my one and only. No, not Jezzabel, this is all about my beautifully stunning and incredibly sexy smart wife, Mandi.

Last year for your 26th birthday, I made a list of 26 things that I love about you. I wanted to do another list, but I couldn't come up with 27, sorry ;)

This year I thought I'd keep it simply and just tell you that there isn't anything that I don't love about you. I really wish there was. It's kind of annoying that I can't find a single thing that I don't dig about you. Seriously. I've always been able to pick out at least one thing I don't like about someone, that is, until I met you.

Do you know how hard it is not to give in to your every wish? All I want to do is make you happy. If there was something that annoyed me about you, I could always at least get some time to myself away from that thing. The thing is, the longer that we've been married, the more I want to be around you. The days that I'm away from you are stupid and I don't like them. (Picture me with arms crossed and a big pouty face right there)

Anyway, I love you. I should probably save some of the mushy stuff for your card in case anyone is reading this while trying to eat breakfast.


Monday, October 14, 2013

If You're Happy and You Know It...

...Clap your hands. (Clap. Clap)

I'm sure some of you are wondering how we're doing after the event's of last week, so I wanted to just post a little update.

As always, the Sharpe family is doing well and moving forward with happy hearts. Of course there were tears on Monday, but Tuesday we woke up with new attitudes and new outlooks. I have to admit, I even woke up feeling pretty free. It was nice to wake up and have no restrictions and no medications to be taking. Obviously being pregnant would have been preferred and I'll happily take restrictions and meds if that were the case, but that wasn't the reality and freedom is a second best for now! But overall, we just felt good that we had an answer (fellow IVFers, you know how that 2 weeks wait is!) and we're at peace knowing we're in the exact position we are meant to be in. It feels good to know that we are at the exact spot God has for our family and we are rejoicing in that.

And speaking of no restrictions and freedom, I've decided to use this break to do something I've always wanted to do: run a marathon. So I started training right after the phone call from the clinic. Anyone else run to clear your head? I'm pretty excited to train and finally check a marathon off of my bucket list. I'm all registered and a week into training for the Phoenix Rock n Roll marathon in January! It will be a great distraction and a great way to get into better shape before circling the wagons to try again.

Lastly, I'm feeling great about the timing of the failed cycle. Why? Welp, Mckenna's birthday is on Thursday, and what better way to move on from bad news than celebrating your baby's second birthday? Of course we love and cherish Mckenna every day, but celebrating her second birthday is a great way to really stop and take time to think back on how blessed we have been for the last two years and reminisce about the little blessing we currently have. I plan to spend the day spoiling her with hugs and kisses...which I'm sure she will love, although she will show me by saying, "No mommy!"....ohhh I love two-year-olds. Life with a kid seems to fly by. Hours turn into days, days into weeks, weeks into months. A birthday is a great reminder to breathe it in!

Anyways, I didn't have much to share, but wanted to let you know that we are doing well and moving forward joyfully and with contentment.