Monday, January 5, 2015

Life Lately: A Photo Recap

I'm sure I'm not the only one that got back to work after the holidays feeling like my head was spinning; it was all a dream; and that I needed a vacation from my vacation!

Life lately has been beautiful chaos.

Between Mckenna, Baby N, and holiday festivities, it has been exhausting but incredibly fun. We are so blessed to have such amazing immediate and extended families to spend the holidays with.

Here's what our life is looking like lately:

Mckenna has continued to be so sweet and loving to Baby N. She would snuggle her all day if we let her...or I should say if N let her!

Of course we put out cookies and milk for Santa, as well as reindeer food (muddy buddies). The cookies and reindeer food were made by Mckenna, Nana, and Papi when she got to spend all morning at their house doing Christmas crafts and baking. Oh and Mckenna insisted on leaving Santa a present, consisting of candy!

Christmas morning...looking like a sleepy new mommy, baby wearing and all.

It doesn't snow in Phoenix, so Mckenna decided to make her own with styrofoam from one of the Christmas gifts was just as fun to clean up as it looks! She "helped". 

Mckenna got her first haircut from Auntie Shay - one of our best friends. She felt pretty special.

She also didn't realize she was just as Auntie Shay's house. Instead she thought it was a full-service spa and requested her nails to be painted as well.

Christmas gifts included a lot of supplies for the kitchen she got for her birthday...Thankfully these cookies don't pack as many calories as all those Christmas cookies.

Mckenna got to get up to watch the ball drop. Considering she kept asking when it would drop, after it dropped, I think she found it underwhelming.

Mckenna came with me to transport Baby N to one of her visits...clearly she found waiting really fun!

Everything is more fun with company, right?