Monday, June 21, 2010

Finally LIVING with CF: Is This a House or a Pharmacy?

As many of you know, Ronnie and I just started living together. You hear stories all the time from married couples about the adjustment period when you first get married. I must say, we haven't had any real issues thus far (let's hear it for the honeymoon period...woot woot), but there was one thing that did make me snap (in a minor, fleeting sort of way). Having just moved in, our house is still in a state of organized chaos. For the most part, things are where they should be, but there are occasions where we'll find a random article that is misplaced. Sometimes it's that it was thrown into a box with unassociated stuff, so it got unloaded in a room it shouldn't have been. Other times, we will have set something down and totally forgotten about it.

Well, as I was going around trying to clean up and organize a few weeks back, I kept finding Ronnie's medicine and/or treatment paraphernalia. We're talking, empty vials from his albuterol, atrovent, and pulmozyme on the floor (in Ronnie's defense, just missed "shots" into the trash can); neb cups and tubing under my sink and in my shoe organizer; Albuterol and Atrovent packets on the desk; inhalers on shelves; more neb cups and tubing in the closet. After picking up empty vials on my hands and knees and finding several clusters of meds all over the house, I snapped (and again, I use this term loosely, I really didn't get THAT bent out of shape). I told Ronnie that I love his CF, but hate living in a pharmacy. I (probably not so) kindly asked him if he could please make sure all his meds, nebs, and the like made it to the medicine stash in the kitchen.

Needless to say, I still have some adjusting to do when it comes to the CF life. I'm totally fine with the fact that there are tons of medical supplies and medicines in the house, I just don't want them strewn all over every room.

Do you guys ever feel like your house has become one big pharmacy?

**Side Note: We were in the settling in process. Ronnie would have picked up the misplaced items at some point in the near future, so me copping a 'tude was probably not needed.