Friday, August 26, 2016

A Forever Home

It is with sadness and JOY that we send Baby S to a new home today. To be clear, the joy outweighs the sadness by a very considerable amount.

S was such a blessing in the short time he was with us. He was incredibly sweet and fit into our family with ease. We connected with him quickly and there are things about him that we will never forget and fondly recall. As awesome as he was, we were not the right home for S. He needed to be in a home that would be willing to make him their forever son if he were ever able to be adopted. We're not that family. We're not an adoptive home right now and we're not sure when (or if) we ever will be. (As a side note, we're not closed to the idea of adoption as ultimately we don't feel it's our choice to make and God the Father will decide if and when it's right for us). For S, we're confident that his new home will be right where he needs to be. Can't go into a ton of detail, but knowing what we know, we can very happily let S go.

Thank you S for being such a blessing to us. Thank you for letting Mckenna carry you around like a sack of potatoes. Thanks for being such a great sleeper. Thanks for being Bennett's little buddy. Thank you for spending that special time with me when I fed you your bottle. Thank you for putting a smile on our face daily.

I hope you felt our love.