Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sharpe: Party of 5 (for awhile)

So no one thinks this is a pregnancy announcement, I'll come out and say the punch line quickly....We have decided to love on another sweet foster baby for awhile. As of today, we are taking another placement.

We have, for awhile, felt like we needed to take another placement into our home. However, we have gone around and around regarding what age would be best. Mckenna will be 5 in October. Bennett will be 1 in September. We didn't know if we should take a kiddo between them in age, a newborn, or another slightly older baby. At different points over the last 6 months, we were "sure" one age was perfect, and then would take a respite child (short term placement to help another foster family) around that age, and realize that that age wasn't a great fit. But we still continued to feel called and convicted about another placement.

We got a call on Thursday about a sweet little baby boy, Baby S, that's 9 months old and needs a new foster home. For whatever reason, Baby S and his situation sat heavy on our hearts, so we decided to take the plunge and take him into our home. If you're paying attention, that means we essentially signed ourselves up for twins...gulp. But people handle that all the time, right? (That's what we keep telling ourselves...but I think it's about to get real in the Sharpe household)

Baby S gets dropped off today, and there's a lot of nervous excitement in our house. We all can't wait to see his little face and start working him into our family. We are confident that it will be stressful and chaotic at first, but trust that God has called us to this ministry and that He will provide what we need in terms of time, patience, and resources in order to thrive with Baby S under our roof.

Please pray first and foremost for Baby S. His sweet little world is being rocked. He has been with the same foster family since he came home from the hospital, and there is no doubt that he loves those two people who have been his parents the last 9 months. We may be a safe, loving, happy home, but we are not the home he has grown attached to and loves. So please pray for him to feel comfortable and loved in this time of transition. Pray that he quickly attaches and knows that he is loved beyond measure.

Please pray for our own kiddos. My biggest fear accepting another placement is that our own kids would feel it in a negative way/be negatively impacted. Mom and Dad's attention will be divided between a third, and my heart feels heavy wondering if we are doing the right thing, for them. We continue to remind ourselves that we are called to this, so we just need to be faithful, and God will take care of our kids' hearts throughout this. But pray that as parents, we do right by them day in and day out.

Please pray for Ronnie and I. Pray for sleep and patience. Pray for time to bond with each kid individually. Pray for good health so that we can stay under the same roof for awhile before Ronnie has to go in for a tune up.

And please pray for the system. Pray that his case progresses as it should and quickly, so that he can be where the Lord ultimately wants him.

Welcome "home" Baby S. We will love you deeply while we have you!

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Unknown said...

My parents were foster parents when I was a child & I feel that you are giving your a precious gift as well Baby S.God Bless you and your family for reaching out to these children.

Anonymous said...

Praying for yall family <3 What you guys do is amazing.

Unknown said...

Hi you guys..and first and foremost congratulations on your new addition even if only temporary.. I hope what I am about to say helps just even a little bit with your concerns
This is going to go back a little bit probably 20 years 15 years, I used to run a small home daycare but I worked for the Department of Social Services I was also a license foster parent for emergency cases All My Children were either babies or toddlers I also had three little boys of my own one of them having cystic fibrosis my husband at the time worked a rotating shift so for a lot of the day I myself was alone with sometimes up to six or seven little ones I won't lie to you there were days when I literally felt like pulling my hair out of my head but usually by the end of the night when I was going to bed I would always manage to find something to chuckle about from that day with one of my children all the little ones that I took care of came from traumatic experiences some far too young to understand and some unfortunately just old enough to understand their life was rocked and nothing was the same for them anymore... I look back now and I know that even for the short time that I had some of those babies I loved them I kissed them I hug them I took care of their boo boos I changed their diapers I fed them I read stories and played with them and I too used to worry and me cheating my own 3 by trying to take care of other people's babies. on more than one occasion I also did temporary foster parenting for some of my children some We Came To Love like they were our own... and when it was time for them to reunite with their parents or another family that was going to love them as their forever family I would cry always a little heart break every time I'd have to hand one of those babies back my worries and my fears for them at times drove me crazy I always had to pray to God and have faith that they would turn out okay and pray that for the little time that I had them they understood love and they knew love.. and as for my own three children they have grown up into some of the most amazing compassionate kind-hearted generous loving men I have ever known always there to try to right a wrong and to stick up for the underdog and I truly believe in my heart that's from the way they grew up from seeing what these other children went through and seeing how I love them and took care of them just like they were my own I really believe that molded my children to be the men that they are I believe it played a role in it... I hope I've alleviated some of your worries as far as that part goes... You two are amazing people you're strong you have an incredible faith and an incredible love you can see it in your children and your stories and pictures,your videos...You guys got this and your going to impact this little mans life profoundly so amazingly with such love and faith, how can you go wrong?... I'm praying for you all but I will tell you I'm not worried in the least that you guys can't handle this and the choice that you will get from loving this little man and taking him in as part of your family can't be measured it just can't be... God bless you both and continued Health to Ronnie and you too of course your children are absolutely beautiful take care of both of you