Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Top Ten Foods That Make Me (CF) Bloated

**I've posted this before, but a great discussion about this topic on CysticLife.org made me think to post it again**

I wanted to follow up on Mandi's great post yesterday about bubbly guts and digestive enzymes. I've compiled a list of the top ten foods/drinks that make me bloated...and not just bloated, CF BLOATED. These are very specific items from very specific places, but believe me, pizza doesn't have to be from Peter Piper to make me feel pregnant. I created the list in this manner because it also gives you some insight into 10 of my favorite things to gorge on. In fact, the little number to the right of the item would be how I would rank them in terms of my favorite to consume.

10. Frosty from Wendys (1)

9. Brachs Jelly Beans (3)

8. Red Stripe Beer (10)

7. Fried Steak Fingers from Lucky Wishbone (4)

6. Chicken Planks from Long John Silvers (6)

5. Shamrock Chocolate Milk (8)

4. 1/2 Pound Beef Combo Burrito from Taco Bell (7)

3. Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit from McDonalds (9)

2. Pepperoni Pizza from Peter Piper (2)

1. Chicken Fried Rice from Pei Wei (5)

So what foods or drinks make you the most bloated? Please be as specific as possible because I would love to try your suggestions. I know, how stupid of me :)

**I did not receive any monetary considerations nor do I represent the above food products in any official capacity...unless of course they are interested. There, that should cover my butt from this new law**

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Jason Addink said...

My first comment was going to be "You better hope you didn't receive any free product from them, or the FTC is going to come after you!"

Then I saw your disclaimer.

Unknown said...

Love the visuals!

Jessie said...

Tyler loves milkshakes! He recently switched from the shakes at Arby's to the Frosty at Wendys (the one with M&Ms in it). Oh, and we he gets CF Bloated, we call it the "Buddah Belly".

Todd Dow said...

LOL - the disclaimer is too funny. Clever. Great blog. I've been reading it for a couple of months now. My 2 1/2 year old daughter has CF.

Ronnie, thanks for your writing. Your contributions to CF awareness are motivating and provide hope for the future to our family (and I'm sure it provides hope to many others as well).

Keep up the great work!


Deb said...

okay, i have already been thinking this, but now i am sure... i think you must be my secret son i put up for adoption. i don't know why i can't remember having you?

long john silvers... be still my heart.

Unknown said...

Todd- Thanks for your first comment! I'm always available if you have any questions for me.

Jessie- I could eat a Frosty everyday of the week

Deb- Mom? Where have you been all my life? :)


Anonymous said...

dude, I think those make EVERYONE bloated! duh!

Unknown said...

I usually just want to go to sleep after I drink a double scandi-shake with ice cream, chocolate syrup, powdered sugar, malt powder, and espresso. Something like 2000 calories in that bad boy.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie are you lactose intolerant? I am and the foods that have milk not only get me prego-bloated, always asked if I am pregnant! :Very distressing to a cyster! Also, Chinese food, any kind of heavy food in general.

Unknown said...

I don't believe I'm lactose intolerant, although it wouldn't surprise me if I was ay least sensitive to lactose as my brother and mom are pretty lactose intolerant.